Laboratory of neuroinformatics of sensory and motor systems
A.B.Kogan Research Institute for Neurocybernetics
Southern Federal University

Rostov-on-Don 344090 194/1 Stachka Ave.
Тел.: +7 (863) 2433744
Факс: +7 (863) 2433577

The Laboratory of Neuroinformatics of Sensory and Motor Systems (LNISMS) was organized in 1992 on the base of the (Laboratory of Neural Network Modeling in Visual Research). The research in the Laboratory is carried out by use of a complex approach including both experimental and computational neuroscience methods. A close interaction of experimental and theoretical investigations provides an opportunity to receive new neurobiological facts and to develop information processing systems imitating neurophysiological mechanisms. A main attention is concentrated on analyzing cellular mechanisms of formation of temporal dynamics of neuron activity in different brain structures, studying and modeling image viewing mechanisms, and searching for and analyzing highly specific neuron ensembles in cerebellar cortex. Peculiarities of neurophysiological experiments carried out in LNISMS consist in analyzing spatial-temporal dynamics of different neuron groups' activity registered by microelectrode blocks while various functioning conditions. Systems for solving key problems of invariant recognition of various image classes and impulse neuron activity are developed in LNISMS.

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